Wednesday, September 27

Watch as what is thought to be a Russian missile turns around and hits the troops who fired it.

Video has emerged of a Russian air defense missile rotating 180 degrees in the air before crashing into the same spot it was launched from. In the Luhansk region, the missile is thought to have been fired.

It is also estimated that the video was shot at Alchevsk, roughly 55 miles south of Severodonetsk, in the early hours of Friday morning. This is the scene of a lot of bloodsheds.

Rumors are swirling that pro-Russian separatists from the breakaway Luhansk People’s Republic launched the air defense missile system.

There was no explanation given for the problem.
Neither a cause nor a report of the issue has arisen in any kind of official documentation. There’s a spectacular cascade of sparks in the footage, which is supposed to have been created by the missile’s fuel not having been consumed during its flight and exploding when it hit the ground.

The Russian military had a bad day on Friday. A Russian military plane crashed and burst into flames in western Russia on the same day. According to local media, four persons were murdered and five others were injured in the tragedy.

While in training, an IL76 military transport jet experienced engine trouble and attempted an emergency landing, according to the Russian defense ministry, which was quoted by state-run news agency Interfax. The ministry added that the jet “partially collapsed” as it landed, according to a statement.

Drone attack on an oil plant by the Ukrainians
An claimed Ukrainian drone recently hit an oil refinery kilometers from its border, according to another video released the same day. According to Reuters, it is not clear who took this video, and it has not been able to independently verify the film.

Ukraine appeared to be on the offensive in the confrontation with Russia, which has now been raging for five months. To counter Russian advances on its own land, such as destroying tanks or disrupting supply lines, Ukraine has used drones extensively.

The United States has provided Ukraine with the most military equipment and other aid. Four HIMARS rocket systems capable of simultaneously launching multiple-precision missiles at a 50-mile range have just been revealed by the western nation.

For Ukraine’s conflict in the east around Severodonetsk and Lysychansk, these new weaponry may be able to fill in a void. How effective will they be in helping the country defend its borders? I don’t know yet.

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