Villagers in Mainpuri, UP, allege that a “floating” stone they discovered is from “Ram Setu.”

A video of a stone being carried downstream by the Isan river in the Mainpuri region of Uttar Pradesh is gaining a lot of traction on social media.

The mystery stone reportedly bore the name of Lord Ram etched on it, according to the accounts. In the video that has gone viral, it can be seen that the stone is floating in the river rather than sinking. It has been estimated that the stone weighs something in the neighborhood of 5.7 kilograms.

The viral video is said to have originated in Ahimalpur, which is located inside the Thana Bewar sector of the Mainpuri district.floating stone

A handful of the children from the village had gone fishing in the river early on the morning of July 30. The children are said to have witnessed something dark floating in the river when they were out fishing. As soon as the children drew close to the mysterious object, it was discovered to be a dark stone that was floating in the river.
The next step was for the children to deliver the stone to the senior citizens in the hamlet. Some of the locals assert that the stone is connected to the bridge that was constructed in the epic Ramayana when Lord Rama was marching to fight with Ravana. Ravana was the antagonist of the story.

“Yes, a stone bearing the name of Ram was discovered floating in the river. On the stone, the name of Ram was carved. We have been storing it here at the house. There are others who believe that this is the stone that was used to construct the bridge that led to Rameshwar. Nitin Pandey, the Head of the Village, stated that everyone has their own viewpoint.

In the meantime, the villagers have a desire to have this stone fixed close to a temple so that it might be worshipped there.

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