Ukrainian soldiers are now using powerful electric bikes to take out Russian tanks

There’s a good chance you’ve never heard of ELEEK or Delfast unless you’re an electric bike enthusiast. In contrast, these two businesses are giving Ukrainian soldiers with electric motorcycles that they can use to demolish Russian tanks in the Ukraine conflict.

Equipping the armed forces with e-bikes

In spite of being widely publicized on social media last week, this intriguing discovery has received almost little press coverage. It was announced on May 8 that ELEEK motorcycles had been delivered to the Ukrainian army by Vadym Ignatov, deputy chairman of the Ukrainian Association of Electric Vehicle Market Participants.


In the words of the CEO, “ELEEK’s next batch of electric Banderabikes is heading to the forefront.” “We listened to all of our guys’ concerns when they were in action with the first units. Most significantly, you won’t have to raid any extra stores anymore thanks to a new feature. Engineers at the firm installed a 220V output to go along with the previously existing onboard USB ports, so that the device can be charged with any standard wall outlet.”

He went on to say that if the conflict unfolds, the need for such vehicles would increase.


To the rescue: more electric bicycles

The inventor of Delfast, Danylo Tonkopi, said on Facebook five days ago that his business had also supplied Ukrainian firemen with electric bikes.


“Is Delfast donating electric bikes to the Ukrainian military? Yup. The early weeks of the battle, we gave electric bikes to the frontlines, but we didn’t talk about it because there are some things we do silently. Now that the command has given us the go-ahead, we’re publishing pictures. The bike has an NLAW missile canister connected to it, so now you know what our motorcycles are for “Tonkopi was quoted as saying.


As the creator noted in his article, the Ukrainian military has expressed their appreciation for the vehicles’ use in the country’s current challenging terrain.


“The bike was fantastic and might be a terrific option for groups on the go. Aerial driving excursions and maintenance on “boxes” (tanks) are among the potential applications. It was swelteringly hot when I went out there. The guys are fine, but three of their vehicles have been damaged. He got his arm trapped on the edge. As a whole, your bike was well-received by the other participants “The quotation is here.


With working pedals and a range of more than 200 miles (320 kilometers), electric bikes may travel at speeds of up to 50 mph (80 kilometers/hour). When there are no established routes or paths, they can make their own. Because of their unusual capacity to carry huge loads, they may be used by the military to deliver supplies and to fire rockets towards Russian tank defenses.

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