UFOs have non-human origins, and threats are increasing ‘exponentially,’ according to the US Congress.

According to Vice Motherboard, buried deep within a U.S. Congressional report is an admission that not all unidentified flying objects (UFOs) have human origins and that the Intelligence Authorization Act for the forthcoming fiscal year has provided a fund for examining them.
For years, the US military and government have blamed sightings of odd lights or UFOs on top-secret research. Because very little information about these operations may be published for the sake of “national security,” it was considered that the inexplicable sightings still had human origins.
According to Vice, UFO researcher Douglas Johnson has discovered what could be the first-ever confirmation from the US government that certain UFO encounters have non-human origins.
What was the report’s conclusion?
A Pentagon report from 2021 listed over 100 sightings that it had investigated and stated that more time and money were needed to explore phenomena that could not be explained by current scientific frameworks. Last year, a video surfaced showed a UFO flying effortlessly beneath the waves, which the Pentagon certified as legitimate.
According to a recent Congressional assessment, “cross-domain trans medium dangers to US national security are rising dramatically.” A cross-domain trans medium threat, according to the Pentagon, can go from water to air to space in ways we don’t understand. The government’s designation for UFOs, Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, will now be reclassified as Unidentified Aerospace-Undersea Phenomena, according to the report.
The Pentagon established a new All-domain Anamoly Resolution Office (AARO) in July to investigate such threats. Furthermore, Congress wishes to distinguish between UFOs with human origins and those without. Objects positively identified as having human origins will be forwarded to the proper offices and will no longer be included in the definition of aerospace-undersea phenomena.
Why now, is the true question.
Now that Congress has provided the Pentagon with the resources it requires to study objects not created by humans, the real question is why has the United States government changed its official attitude on UFO sightings?
Marik von Rennenkampff, a former Pentagon official during the Obama administration, claimed in an op-ed essay that there appears to be a bipartisan and consensus opinion among Senate Intelligence Committee members that some UFOs do have non-human origins.
The fact that the United States government has now established an entire agency to investigate the origins of such objects is proof enough that they exist. The recognition that the hazards posed by these objects are now increasing ‘exponentially’ is also significant.
It remains to be seen whether this results in further government exposure in the coming years or another bureaucratic system that will hide information.
If you were a supporter of the alien idea for UFO encounters, you are now on the same page with the government.

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