This yacht served as Kanye West’s source of creativity for his Yeezy shoe line.

You’re not the only one who thought of Kanye West’s Yeezy sneakers, either. The most recent pair of Yeezy sneakers and this concept yacht share several striking parallels, which raises the issue of whether or not Kanye West used this as a source of inspiration for the Foam Runner sneakers.

Blohm+Voss, a shipbuilding company based in Germany, collaborated with Zaha Hadid Architects to create the design for this futuristic-looking vessel. It has a construction that is similar to an exoskeleton and appears to have been cut out of a single piece of metal.

Yeezy Foam Runner

Like the sneaker, Kanye West’s boat has intricate designs and cutouts in various places around the vessel. The same concept was utilized to produce slightly smaller prototypes in addition to the vessel that measured 128 meters (or 419 feet) in length. The superyacht can reach a top speed of 16 knots, which is roughly similar to 18 miles per hour. It is propelled by four diesel engines.

With a range of 5,000 nautical miles (5,700 miles), it is possible to go from Cape Verde to Italy without having to stop for fuel.

How much does it cost? Since this is only a prototype right now, we are unable to sell it. We apologize for the inconvenience. On the other hand, taking into account its physical and technical characteristics, its value would be at least $500 million.

Yeezy Foam Runner different colorways

The newest sneaker to come out of Adidas’s independent Yeezy brand is called the Foam Runner, and it was only recently released. In 2015, Adidas and Kanye West came up with the idea for the Yeezy brand, and since then, the Yeezy brand has experienced an extraordinary amount of growth. There is a sizable subculture surrounding it, and sneaker aficionados go bonkers for the shoes.

Although the sneakers don’t often cost all that much, they never last more than a few hours—if not minutes—before they are completely sold out. In the pre-owned market, this indicates that sneakerheads are more than happy to part with extravagant sums of money. The price for the Foam Runner model begins at $90, but as a result of the extremely high demand, it is not uncommon for them to sell for hundreds of dollars.

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