This ‘Gotham City’ watch is worth $220,000 and is worthy of Batman himself.

Jacob & Co. developed the “Gotham City” wristwatch just for Batman to wear on his wrist. Although it comes with a heavy price tag of $220,000, it is not only a technological masterpiece but also a very expensive item. Jacob Arabo, the founder of Jacob & Company, never seems to run out of creative concepts, does he?

His watches are usually interesting, and there’s sometimes a touch of madness that makes them even more compelling. His work is always compelling. The Gotham City watch is created from the ground up with Batman in mind, down to every component. For example, the crown is adorned with the Bat signal and covered with a rubber band that has a design that is reminiscent of the tread on the tires of the Batmobile.

Jacob Co Gotham City Batman watch caseback

It is driven by a flying tourbillon movement, and the small ‘cages’ where the tourbillon is housed are reminiscent of the grappling hooks that Batman uses. The dial has a black-on-black color scheme, except for the apertures, which are silver grey, and the yellow outline of the Bat logo, which is in the center.

In connection with this, the onyx Bat logo that is located on the dial has been coated with pigments of SuperLumiNova, causing it to shine blue when exposed to darkness. The face, as usual, is so intricate that it would be nearly impossible to use it to tell the time, but that is beside the point. The Gotham City, just like many other clocks in the industry, is intended to be a work of art rather than a time-telling machine. This is a common design choice.

The watch is both noticeable and unnoticeable because, even though the titanium case measures 45.5 millimeters in diameter, the watch’s color scheme makes it appear to be much smaller than it is. You also have the option of purchasing the rose gold variant, which is a lot more eye-catching.

Jacob Co Gotham City Batman rose gold

When viewed as a whole, it nearly makes you want to use the word “subtle” to describe it. The artwork on the case back, which was created by Korean-American comic book artist Jim Lee, depicts a black sketch of Batman superimposed on a brilliant yellow background. In other words, the case back is not at all subtle. Because there are only 36 watches that will ever be made, it should come as no surprise that pre-owned versions of the watch already fetch a far higher price.

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