This company 3D prints small houses out of recyclable plastics.

Many projects have recently been completed that use recyclable materials for sustainability. Azure, a Los Angeles-based architectural startup, implemented one of these projects.

Azure 3D prints prefab dwellings out of recyclable plastic. The company is currently selling a variety of house styles, from a backyard studio to a two-bedroom ADU.

“The building industry is the world’s greatest user of raw materials, accounting for around 11% of total global carbon emissions. Our obligation to our clients and future generations is to utilize the most environmentally friendly techniques possible “Azure CEO Ross Maguire stated in April.
In the same month, Azure debuted the world’s first 3D printed “backyard studio” composed of recycled plastic materials.

The plastic 3D printed studios and ancillary dwelling units (ADUs) are now available for preorder as the firm prepares to ramp up its production line in Los Angeles’ Culver City district.
3D printing allows for faster, cheaper, and more sustainable home construction.
Azure maintains that it can build homes 70% faster and 30% cheaper than “conventional home construction methods.” According to Business Insider, most 3D home builders utilize a type of mixed or pure concrete to construct a home. Azure, on the other hand, is “saying goodbye” to this by adopting sustainable materials.3D prints

According to the business, Azure’s printing materials are made of the waterproof plastic polymer commonly used in plastic bottles and food packaging.

“In our lifetime, our supply chain should never be short,” Ross Maguire told Business Insider.

“We have increased manufacturing efficiencies not only by capitalizing on developments in 3D printing, but also by developing a design and procedure that takes only 20 hours to complete. When compared to traditional construction, we can complete the full structural skeleton, external sheathing, water control barrier, exterior finish, utility corridors, and grounding for interior finishes in a fraction of the time and expense. We envision a very exciting future ahead of us by ushering in a new era of home construction with our sustainable, automated, and precise production methods “Maguire went on to define the startup’s ambition in April.
Azure is transforming the building business.
Ross Maguire and Gene Eidelman founded Azure. They established new ground in the construction sector by combining experience building and developing houses across three continents.3D prints

Ross and Gene were aware that there was a better way to construct. Their goal became to build homes faster, more affordably, and with less environmental impact.

Azure Printed Homes is revolutionizing the building business by using breakthroughs in 3D printing technology and harnessing the power of recycled plastic polymers to prefabricate backyard studios and offices, as well as Accessory Dwelling Units.

Ross and Gene are accompanied on this fascinating trip by a team of professionals with experience working with large builders as well as Tesla, Local Motors, and Oakridge National Laboratories in the disciplines of 3D printing, prefabricated construction, logistics, marketing, and finance.

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