Wednesday, September 27

This $48m Hollywood Hills mansion was designed for a racing driver.

This enormous Hollywood Hills estate, which is up for sale at $48 million, comes with a garage that has space for up to 15 vehicles. Kipp Nelson, a famous gearhead, was the initial client for the home’s design and construction. Nelson is a Hollywood producer as well as a former racing driver.

And that is very certainly evident. In addition to the workshop, it features a cutting-edge simulator for the Formula One racing series. In 2014, Nelson purchased the home, and he then proceeded to spend the next four years making extensive renovations to the property, transforming it into the beautiful residence that it is today.

In the year 2020, he made his initial attempt to sell it, but he was unable to locate a buyer at the asking price of $52 million. Now that it has been sold, Williams & Williams Estate has relisted it with a “discount,” setting the price at $48 million.

You are currently looking at 26,000 square feet of great real estate that is located on Bird Street, one of the most desirable districts in Hollywood, and is only a few steps away from Sunset Boulevard. There is a total of 16,000 square feet of usable space within the house alone.

The rooms in this home are quite spacious, and it includes a total of five bedrooms and eight baths. In addition to that, it is loaded with every conceivable piece of technology. A fire pit on the rooftop with a terrace? Check a kitchen with an open floor layout and its bar. Check.

In addition to that, there is a private fitness center and an infinity pool. There are two pools with a view of the ocean. You even have your very own garden at home, complete with olive groves in the style of the Mediterranean.

In this region of Los Angeles, a mansion of this size can get up to $48 million, which is a reasonable price despite how absurd it may sound. The real estate market in California took a knock in the year 2020, but it has since recovered and is (nearly) back to normal at this point.

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