These youngster earned millions by selling his own socks and underpants. See how….

Have you ever imagined that someone would buy your socks?

Can you make a lot of money selling it?

The idea comes. But you may be surprised to learn that a young man has done such an amazing thing. She sells her socks online.

Not only that, he claims that he has earned up to Rs. 240,000 by selling his socks. He sells a pair of socks for around Rs 1,500 to Rs 4,500.

The man who earns money in a strange way is Billy Gray, a resident of Chelsea, London. Gray claims he sells his old socks online.

He runs a website with his fianc (future wife). People like to buy user-friendly products on the website.

Her family and friends have also joined her in this work. Meanwhile, Gray has shared a video clip of her selling old socks on social media. Which is going very viral.

Gray socks are packed in ziplock bags. Gray claims that the website was linked a year ago, where people often demand clothes, socks, boxers. “I have the full support of the transgender community,” says Gray. They all show great interest in my site.

I also make a lot of videos of these people. ‘

According to a report, Gray has claimed that his underwear has been sold in the United States. People love to buy Nike socks.

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