The scientist confirmed the four suns and brought the fact that one swallowed the other, this is what happens on Earth!

Astronomers have discovered a solar system with four suns for the first time, with only three remaining.

Scientists estimate that there were originally four suns in this system, but the third one swallowed the fourth Sun.

In this system, there is a binary system of two suns, in which one large sun is orbiting. The system, named HD 98800, is located 150 light-years away in the constellation TW Hadar. When this system was discovered, it was believed that something was wrong with the system.
Then the non-professional astronomers informed the professional astronomers about this.

Only then did astronomers confirm the existence of this unique three-sun system and this study revealed the existence of double suns and the presence of a fourth sun much earlier.

In further studies, it has been found that since the two suns are orbiting each other, it completes this task in 24 hours just like our planet.four suns

However, the mass of both suns is 12 times more than our sun. According to the report, it was discovered by amateur astronomers for the first time by mistake.

He was looking at NASA data. Then his eyes fell on this solar system. At first, they thought it was a mistake, but after studying it in detail, it turned out to be correct that the solar system has three suns.

According to Chinese researcher Alejandro Bin Liu, this discovery is considered very special for the space field, because it is the first time humans have known about the three-sun system.
“As far as we know, this is the first discovery of its kind,” said Alejandro Vigna G√≥mez of the Niels Bohr Institute at the University of Copenhagen. We know of many triple-star systems, but they are generally much less massive.’

In this triple system, the giant stars are very close together. Two suns are in the same place, but the third one is orbiting them. It revolves around both six times a year. It is 16 times bigger than our Sun. Now its secret will be known only after further study.

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