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The Rajasthani tradition of using white sheets to determine a couple’s honeymoon, the Virginity Test.

A scandalous case of rape committed against a young woman who lived in the Subhash Nagar police station in the city of Bhilwara in the Indian state of Rajasthan came to light when her virginity was tested in accordance with a dishonest practice that is widespread in the culture. A young man who lived in the neighborhood where the victim was from Sansi society sexually assaulted her. She was threatened that her siblings would be murdered with a knife if she divulged any information about the incident to anybody else.

A few days after the occurrence, following the marriage of that girl, the girl was judged guilty according to the existing culinary traditions in the culture. The victim did not tell anybody about the incident since they were under pressure, but the girl was declared guilty. After being questioned by the victim’s family members, he revealed the details of the traumatic event that had befallen him. Following this, the members of the family have initiated legal action against the suspect.

The test of virginity
In point of fact, the kukdi practice of Sansi society has been going on for a considerable amount of time in the state of Rajasthan. The Kukdi ceremony takes place between the husband and wife after the wedding and is known by that name.

This is such a harmful practice, in which a woman is forced to go through the rigors of an experience. When a woman gets married, she is expected to provide documentation demonstrating that she is still a virgin.
On the first day of the honeymoon, the husband gives a white sheet to his new bride. If the couple engages in sexual activity during the honeymoon, the husband is expected to leave traces of blood on the sheet, which are then displayed to the members of the society the following day.

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A detrimental effect on the family’s finances
If there is any trace of blood on that sheet, then his wife is believed to be telling the truth and is a virgin. On the other hand, if there is no trace of blood on that sheet, then his wife has previously been in a romantic relationship with another person. The young lady has no choice but to comply. If the girl is not a virgin, then an additional dowry is requested on behalf of the Panch Patel of the Jatiya Panchayat by exerting a tremendous deal of pressure on the members of the family. In many cases, they are excluded from society, and the family is forced to pay a monetary fine in order to be accepted back into society.

5 to 10 lakh rupees are demanded
If any girl is found guilty in the practice of cooking, the caste panchayat first imposes a financial fine on that girl’s family. This causes many poor families to go through the great social and economic crises. If any girl is found guilty in the practice of cooking, the Sansi society’s caste panchayat. In this, the amount can frequently reach anywhere between 5 and 10 lakhs of rupees. If the individual’s family is unable to pay the sum of the fine, then he will be excluded from society.

In the matter of the Kukdi Pratha, better known as the Virginity Test, SP Adarsh Sidhu stated that it needs to be discontinued. There have been a few occurrences of this kind that have come to light in the district. In a circumstance like this, action will be taken against those responsible for the problem. This is a problematic routine that has to be put to an end as soon as possible. When such circumstances arise, the Panchayat is informed that this too is incorrect.

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