The plan to run a space train from the Earth to the Moon-Mars, this transport is miraculous

With the development of science and technology, the achievements that will surprise the world have started coming.

It sounds like a sci-fi movie, but a plan has come true.

A train is running from Earth to the Moon and from the Moon to Mars. While construction of the East-West Railway line is being started in Nepal recently, researchers in Japan are planning a train from Earth to Mars.
Researchers at the Human Spaceology Center of Kuitake University in Japan and the Japanese Kajima Corporation have informed us about the plan of a train that will run from Earth to Mars in the first week of July.


This transportation system is named Hexagon Space Track System. Where the space train will be used. This train will run between Earth, Moon, and Mars.

The stations of this train are located on satellites orbiting the planet, the UK’s Evening Standard newspaper wrote, citing the Japanese newspaper The Asahi Shimbun.

Researchers have said that these trains will be bigger than Japanese bullet trains and be operated by rocket engines. At each station, six train cars will be separated from the station and carried by a hexagonal capsule.
The university’s space science center says that while these hexagons are being launched into space, each vehicle will stay on a fence so that they stay upright.

After coming to the base station, those cars will separate from the hexagon. Each ascent and descent vehicle will use rocket ejection devices to escape the effects of a planet’s gravity. They said that this will also increase the speed of the vehicle in space.
When there is no atmosphere, the space train’s fans will expand and an elevator will also be used. On the Moon and Mars, they will operate on high-speed rail lines where there will be a network connecting one city to another.


These space trains will artificially give humans a sense of gravity similar to Earth’s. From which the experience will be like that of the earth.

There will be facilities for Lunar Glass on the Moon and Mars Glass on Mars. According to the manufacturer, these glasses will have an environment similar to the earth’s forest, water fountains, and other biological diversity.

Yushoke Yamashikhi, director of the Spaceology Center, said that no other country has done this kind of plan in the development of space in the press conference of the first week of last July. He has also stated that his plans will help in the development of technology that will enable people to live in space in the future.

While the researchers are publicizing this plan, its cost will be very expensive. They have prepared to use a simple prototype by the year 2050. They stated that it would take a hundred years to implement and build the plan that they announced.

In the press conference, Human Spaceology Center said, now the human race is moving from the era of living on the earth to the era of living on the moon and Mars.

Although the plan has been announced, no study has been done on what kind of environment and other facilities are required. The study has not said what kind of technologies will be the food, clothes, accommodation, and other social life in the space train. They are doing research focusing on this matter.

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