The newest maglev train in China can ride 32 feet above the ground.

When it comes to maglev trains, China appears to be in the lead. It was revealed in 2018 that the country was testing a super maglev train with a top speed of 1,000 km/h.

The nation then unveiled a brand-new, boundary-pushing maglev train on a 540-ft (165-m) test track in June 2021. China finally launched a maglev train in July 2021, making it the fastest ground vehicle at the time with a top speed of 372 mph (600 km/h).
The first suspended maglev line ever constructed using permanent magnets.
Now, on Wednesday, the South China Morning Post announced that the country has unveiled the first suspended maglev line made of permanent magnets. The developers of the new technology say that it can keep a “sky train” flying indefinitely without a power source.

The new train is an experimental 2,600-foot (800-meter) Red Rail that is situated in Jiangxi province, southern China’s Xingguo county. It has strong magnets that can generate a repelling force big enough to raise an 88-person train.

This innovative design differs significantly from the majority of current maglev lines in that it runs around 10 meters above the ground and has no direct touch with the rail. It still manages to move very quickly, reaching speeds of 50 mph (80 km/h).
Additionally, the new train is really effective. It just needs a little electricity to run because of its special free-floating circumstances and lack of friction. Additionally, it is only approximately 10 times as expensive to construct a subway system.maglev train

To extend the lifespan of the magnets used in this amazing train, rare earth elements were added to them. They are referred to as permanent magnets as a result.
Artificial intelligence will also be used to operate the new train. According to scientists, this fact could greatly improve its speed.

The average domestic underground line’s top speed is 80 km/h, however, a permanent magnet AI-powered maglev train may go at a speed of 50 km/h. Additionally, it would be significantly quieter than its contemporary rivals.

Ideal for cities with a lot of noise
It is therefore perfect for urban areas with high levels of noise pollution. The new train might transport people between points A and B without adding to the city’s noise pollution problems.

Because the majority of shocks that would harm other trains can be absorbed by the permanent magnetic field, it is also essentially accident-proof.

It is reasonable to say that China is leading the globe in rail transit, providing its population with secure and practical means of transportation, with the addition of this new train to its fleet.

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