Wednesday, September 27

The last 10 years of the combustion engine are celebrated by the De Tomaso concept car.

This glory machine features a V12 engine and was built to commemorate the last ten years of the combustion engine. When designing this V12 supercar idea for De Tomaso, designer Jowyn Wong was influenced by classic Ferraris as well as the Lotus Exige.

The future De Tomaso P72, which is presently being constructed at the Nurburgring, is the latest example of the brand’s ongoing effort to reinvent itself. De Tomaso is famed for fusing American performance with Italian design. And just as the number says, there will be a total of only 72 instances created.

The rims and side flanks of this emerald green neo-retro style include a strong gold trim that contrasts nicely with the color. It has enormous headlights, a curved windscreen that resembles the control panel of a spaceship, and a big air intake that is located at the front of the vehicle. Another air intake, similarly styled after those found on Pagani race cars, can be found on the roof of the design.

In contrast, the rear of the vehicle features stretched-out wheel arches that are reminiscent of the Porsche 917. And without a doubt, one of the aspects of the design that stands out the most to the eye is the four enormous exhaust pipes, which are, of course, also covered in gold. The color green is carried over into the interior of the vehicle, which features a plaid textile design and textured brown leather. When Jowyn Wong revealed the nameless concept on Instagram, he stated that it drew “clear inspiration from the 917, Lola T70, and the Ferrari 512 S.”

Interior of the DeTomaso concept supercar by Jowyn Wong

“Because I am quite meticulous with reflections, I invested approximately one week into perfecting the body,” he stated. He stated that he desired to hold a party to commemorate the passing of the internal combustion engine as the automotive industry headed toward a new and more environmentally friendly future.” In a nutshell, I liked my Lotus Exige so much at the time that it motivated me to design a brand new V12 glory machine to celebrate the last ten years of the combustion engine,” he stated. “In other words, I’m going to celebrate the end of the combustion engine with my new creation.”

“Though a lot of things has changed since then, then as we put our efforts and focus more on the planet and the humanity itself in preparation for the 4th revolution of our species,” he said. Wong praised the simplicity of design afforded by recent technological advancements like Gravity Sketch, which he utilized in the process of developing this concept.”The potential of gravity drawing never ceases to astound me, The data transfer is exquisite and dlal technical,” he remarked. “The data transfer is sublime and dlal technical.”

De Tomaso P72

“Having a whole virtual reality studio anywhere I go in the globe is one of my absolute favorite things,” the user said. He added that design had come a long way “ever since we developed our first digital supercar way back in 2014, the Apollo arrow,” which was made with iPads and computers. He went on to say that the Apollo arrow was the first digital supercar. He stated that the next tool he would test would be AI (artificial intelligence), “simply to see how much human input will be required (if any at all)”.

Wong has stated that in the future he would even be interested in designing automobiles using a brain-controlled interface. At the very least, this prominent fashion designer has lofty aspirations. We are going along on the journey as well.

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