Wednesday, September 27

The biggest miracle of science so far: technology to save after death

We live in the age of scientific discovery. We have been taken aback by an incredible number of innovations.

On the other hand, there is no technology that has been developed so far that can bring the dead back to life. After birth, every single human being is obligated by the rules of nature to eventually pass away.

In the interim, though, an Australian business has taken the world by storm with its promise that it can keep people alive even after they have died. Because of this, the company recommended that the dead body of the person be buried beneath the snow.
The town of Holbrook is the location of the corporation’s new high-tech company. The claim made by the corporation is that human cadavers ought to be buried at a temperature of -200 degrees Celsius.


If in the future it is discovered through scientific research that it is possible to bring individuals back to life, then buried bodies may one day be unearthed and brought back to life.

According to the assertion made by the corporation, the company will charge its clients a total of more than 16 million dollars for this. The human body is going to be preserved by being buried in a steel chamber that is filled with liquid nitrogen at a temperature of -200 degrees Celsius.
In this position, the body will be inverted, with the feet placed higher than the head. Therefore, even if the chamber springs a leak, there is still a possibility that the brain will continue to function normally.

According to recent reports, the organization is currently capable of producing enough snow to cover the remains of forty people. Additionally, the corporation plans to construct brand new warehouses in the near future. In order to accommodate 600 individuals, preparations will be done. The concept that the corporation is working on is termed cryonics in science. According to this theory, the body of a deceased person can be brought back to life if it is frozen and kept as soon as possible.

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