Strange creature found in Australia, rated world’s ‘ugliest’

A strange creature that is considered to be the ‘ugliest’ has been found.

A strange creature that is considered the ugliest has been found in the deep waters of southeastern Australia.

Professional fisherman Jason Moyes, known on social media by the moniker Trapman Bermagui, discovered a mysterious creature roaming the coast of his hometown Bermagui.

On Facebook, he shared a picture of the fish and asked other Facebook users to name it. He doesn’t know what kind of creature it is. Moyes wrote in the caption: ‘I’m pretty sure it’s a blobfish??
Caught in the deep water east of Bermagui, probably the ugliest fish I’ve ever seen.” The fish’s eyes are attached to the side of its head, and it has a large mouth, which covers most of its face. It has sharp teeth.

sea creature

It can be seen that there is a fish inside the mouth of the fish. Speaking to Newsweek, Moyes said the fish weighed 4 kilograms and was found at a depth of 540 meters.

Ever since this picture was published, the unknown fish has been going viral. Internet users are surprised. People are also commenting, with some people agreeing with Moyes that the fish could be blobfish.

Others gave other names such as monkfish or toadfish. Some users joked that the fish must be the stuff of nightmares. One user wrote, ‘I think this is an angler fish? There are many types, but they are all very scary.’

Another person said, “This monk is a fish!” Clearly a poor man’s lobster!” wrote a third user, ‘Please put it back on your spaceship.’

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