sheep was sentenced to three years in prison after killing a woman

Bheda was found guilty of murder and received a sentence of three years in jail. South Sudan is the site of one such fascinating occurrence that recently took place there.

There are allegations that a sheep was responsible for the death of a woman. For the same offense, he received a prison sentence of three years’ duration.

A man named Adhiyu Chaping, 45 years old, was allegedly mauled to death by a sheep in South Sudan at the beginning of this month, as reported by Sudanese media.

After then, the sheep was brought into custody by the authorities. Chaping was struck on the head multiple times by the sheep, which also shattered several of his ribs.
A woman in her 45th year who had sustained severe injuries passed very suddenly. As a result of the incident that took place in Akule Yol in Rumbek East, the sheep was taken into custody.

Beda will serve his sentence at a military prison located in the Aduel County headquarters of Lake State, Sudan. He will be there for three years.

The relatives of the victim was also ordered by the district court to get five cows from the owner of the sheep, who was identified as Duyoni Manyang Dhal.

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