Wednesday, September 27

Sheep sentenced to three years in prison for killing woman

Sheep have been found guilty of murder and given a sentence of three years in prison. South Sudan is the location of one such fascinating event that took place. A woman is being investigated for the possible killing of a sheep. For the same offense, he received a prison sentence of three years.

A sheep is said to have attacked Adhiyu Chaping, 45, in South Sudan earlier this month, according to reports that were published in Sudanese media.

After then, the sheep were brought into custody by the authorities. Chapping took multiple blows to the head from the sheep, which ultimately resulted in broken ribs.

Due to the severity of her injuries, a woman in her forties passed away at the scene. Following the event that occurred in Akul Yol in Rumbek East, the sheep were taken into custody.

The sheep will be held at a military camp at the Aduel County headquarters in Sudan’s Lake State for the duration of the three-year sentence.

The family of the victim has been ordered by a local court to receive five cows back from the owner of the sheep, who is identified as Duyoni Manyang Dhal.

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