Scientists have discovered signs that appear two weeks before death

A person whom we saw very badly a moment ago may die. Sometimes it is hard to believe when a person who seemed fine a moment ago suddenly dies.

After all, are there any signs before dying? Everyone can give their own opinion about this. Because only a person who has experienced death can tell the truth about this matter, which is not possible on his own. But before science, everything is possible to discover. Recently a scientist asked what happens before death? He said that.

According to The Express, a doctor who has seen the death of many people very closely in his life said what changes happen in the human body just before death. Even scientists know very little about this.
As The Mirror reports, there are very few studies on natural phenomena. Talking about what it feels like, before death, the doctor says, ‘The process of death begins two weeks before the heart stops beating.’

Seamus Coyle, Honorary Research Fellow, University of Liverpool, in an article in The Conversation, mentions the process of dying. He said, “I think the process of dying starts two weeks before the death of any person.”death

During this time, people’s health starts to deteriorate. They also have trouble walking and sleeping. On the last day of life, their ability to take pills (medicine), eat, or drink also ends.
Simay Koyal further says, ‘This is the situation when you know that the person in front of you is dying, there are only two or three days left to live. Many people can complete this entire process in a day, while some people can live on the brink of death for about a week or two before actually dying.

During this period, his family members also have to suffer a lot. What changes happen in the body at the time of death is largely unknown. But some research suggests that many chemicals, including endorphins, are released from the brain at the time of death.

It stimulates the emotions of any person. According to Seamus Coyle, the moment of death is difficult to understand. But according to research so far, as people approach death, stress chemicals in the body increase.

Cancers and possibly other normal people’s bodies also begin to swell. These are chemicals that are produced when our body fights viral infections. In general, it seems that the pain of a person is reduced during dying. But we do not know why this happens?

It can also be related to endorphins. Because each person dies differently, it is impossible to predict how someone will die with Ekin. He says, “I have seen many young people who did not know that they were dying.”

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