Rain of fish with water from the sky: Streets, Houses, Roofs were filled! [With Photos]

Hail from the sky is common during the rainy season. Snow falling from the sky is also a common natural phenomenon.

But what if creatures start falling from the sky instead of water? The town of Jagatial in Telangana, India has seen this vision become a reality.

It is claimed that fish also fall from the sky during the rains in this city.

In fact, after it rained, only fish were found on the roads, houses, roofs, and alleys. Now the video of this fish is going viral on social media.

Raining creatures from the sky were rarely seen. Such a rare natural process has been seen for the first time in Telangana.

People of the Sai Nagar area of ​​Jagtial city are shocked to see such an incident. The main reason is that small water creatures like frogs, gannets, and fish got stuck on the top of the water and went towards the sky.

As soon as it ends, they start falling to the ground. Tornadoes form when the wind creates a tornado over the water. It is also commonly called a water storm.

There was so much rain in this area for the past few days, that a flood situation has been created in a large area.

Officials of the Meteorological Department have also responded about this rare natural phenomenon of animals falling from the sky. If there is a storm before heavy rain, small fish and frogs get trapped in it and go to the sky.

As soon as the storm becomes light or weak. Last year, a similar incident happened in the city of Texarkana in the state of Texas. It rained fish there too. After that, the picture and videos went viral on social media.

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