One person spent millions to become a dog, and the result was as follows

One person has spent millions to become a dog from a human.

You have often seen that people do many things to look beautiful. They spend millions of dollars to beautify their bodies. Many undergo plastic surgery and some buy expensive cosmetics. But a man in Japan has spent millions to look like a dog.

Yes, that’s right you can now become known as a Lord of the Rings. A man named Toko has spent around Rs 1.8 million to make himself look like a dog. According to sources, while talking to Toko about this, he said that he wanted to live like an animal since childhood. He loves dogs very much.

So he wanted to be like a dog. Now his wish has been fulfilled. Toko, Japan, looks exactly like a dog. Even dogs do not recognize humans from afar. In fact, Toko has created a suit that makes the person wearing it look like a dog.

He has spent around Rs 1.8 million in Nepali currency to buy the suit. At the same time, wearing it, Toko now looks like a complete dog. Synthetic fur is used to make this suit. Toko’s image has now gone viral on social media. According to reports, it took Toko about 40 days to make the suit. These images are now going viral.

A professional agency called Jepet helped design the costumes. The local Japet has also been producing a large number of sculptures and unique costumes for movies, advertisements, and entertainment facilities.

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