Now comes the king of fruits, mango: what is this mango worth Rs. 430,000 per kg?

It is summer. Now you can see the king of fruits in the market.

Mango, which has maintained its rule over fruits, is now maintaining its rule over prices.

The most expensive mango in the world is found in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, India, which costs more than Rs. 430,000 per kg in the international market.

Kisan Sankalp Singh Parihar and Rani Parihar have a 12 acre farm house on Chargawan Road in Jabalpur.

The most expensive mango in the world is planted there. Although 14 different types of mangoes have been planted in Sankalp’s garden, the world’s most expensive mangoes have grown on two trees.

Therefore, 4 guards and 6 dogs have been deployed for their safety. This particular mango species is Taiyo no Tamago from Japan. It is called the egg of the sun. In Japan, this mango weighs 350 grams.

This mango is considered very popular in Japan. There was a bid last year to buy Taiyo no Tamago mango. A pair of mangoes was sold for more than Rs 433,000.

According to Sankalp Parihar’s wife Rani Parihar, three years ago when she was on her way to Chennai to pick seedlings for her garden, a man on the train gave her the seedlings and asked her to raise them like a child.

The queen and her husband did not know about this particular type of mango. When the couple returned home, they planted in the garden without question.

They were surprised to see half red and half yellow mangoes in the garden. When the couple found out about this special type of mango, the thieves once attacked the garden and fled with 2 mangoes and its branches.

When you eat this special type of mango, you will get the taste of ground kathar and coconut. It is considered to be excellent for reducing eyes, skin and cholesterol.

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