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Bhaktapur – The National Examination Board has published the results of class 12 on Friday. The board has announced the results of the examination conducted from 16th to 25th of May.

Class 12 Result Details:
Grade group – No. of Students
GPA 3.61 to 4.0 – 4,179
GPA 3.21 to 3.60 – 30,107
GPA 2.81 to 3.20 – 65,284
GPA 2.41 to 2.80 – 64,093
GPA 2.01 to 2.40 – 10,900
GPA 1.61 to 2.0 – 35
GPA 1.21 to 1.60 – 0
NG – 188410
TOTAL – 363,008

According to Durga Prasad Aryal, member secretary of the board, the results have been published according to the grading system 2078. NG (non-grading) will be mentioned in the grade sheet if at least 35% marks are not scored in the theoretical side of each subject. This is the first time that this arrangement has been implemented by the board.

This year, on the regular side, 188,000 students have been classified as non-grading, while the number of 4 GPA is zero.

Students who are mentioned as NG cannot get admission in higher education. If you get NG in only two subjects, you can take the grade increase exam.

4 lakh 10 thousand 50 students participated in the examination. The examination was conducted in 1 thousand 292 examination centers across the country.

Check the exam result like this

It can be obtained from various Websites, SMS Service and IVR Service:

1. National Examination Board website:

2. Nepal Telecom website:

SMS Service:

1. How to send SMS to 1600 of Nepal Telecom: NEB Symbol No. Type and SMS to 1600.

IVR Service:

1. The result can be obtained by dialing the number 1601 of Nepal Telecom according to the instructions received.

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