Wednesday, September 27

Miracle happened in America: Twice born from mother’s womb

Our life starts from birth, everyone is born only once. But an interesting thing has happened in America.

There a baby is born twice in the mother’s womb. People are amazed at this miracle of medical science.

After the first birth, the doctor placed the baby in the mother’s womb. Now, 11 weeks later, his mother has given birth to him again. The Florida mother shared her experience of giving birth to the same child twice on social media.

Jaden Ashley, a Florida resident, learned that the fetus had a spinal cord injury. If not corrected, his life could be in danger.

Jaden then contacted a special team of doctors. The doctors operated on the premature baby, removed it from the mother’s womb, and placed it back in the mother’s womb.

Two months after returning to the mother’s womb, the baby is born again. Now he has no problem with his spine. But now doctors are monitoring the mother and baby.

Soon both will be able to go home. Jaden Ashley shared this experience by sharing a video on Tiktak.

Many times after the birth of a child is found to suffer from some kind of congenital malformation. Life is becoming difficult for both the child and the parent. In such cases, open fetal surgery became a boon.

This surgery is done before the baby is born. The fetus develops before birth. In this way it is possible to prevent or reduce any distortion. However, this surgery is very difficult. A team of specialist doctors is needed for that.

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