Lightning strikes an acid tank at a zinc plant in Chittorgarh, Rajasthan, causing 1 fatality and 9 injuries.

On Friday, an acid tank at Hindustan Zinc in the Chittorgarh district of Rajasthan detonated owing to lightning, resulting in the death of one worker and the injury of nine others, according to the police. The explosion caused the death of the victim.

They said that Udaipur has been contacted about the injured people.

According to Additional Superintendent of Police Kailash Singh Sandhu, ten personnel who were present at the scene were burned owing to an acid leakage that occurred after lightning struck the tank at the hydro plant that belongs to Hindustan Zinc.

According to what he stated, the injured workers were immediately sent to the district hospital in Chittorgarh, where one of them passed away while being treated.

According to him, nine further individuals who sustained significant injuries as a result of the accident have been transferred to Udaipur for medical care.

According to the additional SPD, there are currently investigations underway to determine the identity of the deceased.

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