“It’s tragic”: Bill Gates comments on people not getting vaccinated because of conspiracy theories

Bill Gates said in an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper on Friday that it would be unfortunate if conspiracy theories about him prevented people from receiving vaccinations. Specifically, he addressed claims that he may implant monitoring devices into individuals through vaccine.

An absurd conspiracist hypothesis

“The one about monitoring people, I don’t know why they think I’m interested in knowing where people are — I still have to giggle at that one — but if it prevents people from being vaccinated, that’s awful,” Gates added.


The donor noted that conspiracy theories are “pleasant to click on” and that people are susceptible to “simple explanations,” such as the idea that the vaccinations were manufactured for profit, rather than comprehending the science underlying the difficult and rapid production of COVID-19 vaccines.

Additionally, Gates made it plain that he had no intention of profiting from the vaccination.


“We have invested billions on vaccines, therefore saving millions of lives. It is a common conspiracy theory to assert that vaccinations are not intended to save lives but rather to generate profits “he said.


A lower incidence of complete immunization

Gates noted that the United States “still has a lower complete immunization rate than many other countries” and that the country must find methods to persuade those who continue to dispute the significance of vaccines.


“Are they accommodating? Because it’s to their profit and the good of others around them, I’m surprised that the United States has been so resistant, and that it’s been somewhat political “Gates remarked.


In a blog post published in February 2022, Gates said, “I think that COVID-19 might be the final pandemic.” The piece was followed by a book on the same subject, which provides optimism that mankind would never again face such severe circumstances.

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