How can 10 nurses and 1 doctor of a hospital got pregnant together, one day after delivery date?

A new debate has started after about a dozen women became pregnant at the same time.

An amazing thing has come out of a hospital in the United States. Eleven female health workers working at the hospital have become pregnant at the same time.

There are 10 nurses and 1 doctor. The delivery dates of the two nurses are the same.

All these women will give birth from July to November. At the same time, jokes have been made about whether something was added to the hospital water during pregnancy.

However, everyone used to bring separate water bottles. There are 10 pregnant nurses and one doctor all working in the obstetrics, labor and maternity departments. According to the director of the gynecology department of the hospital, they are all working together.

So they are all excited when this news comes out. This is not the first time that many members of the nursing staff have become pregnant at the same time. Earlier, in 2019, nine nurses working in the labor and delivery department of the main medical center became pregnant at the same time.

At that time all the nurses had planned to go there for each other’s delivery.

A similar incident was made public in 2018 when eight women working in the obstetrics department of Anderson Hospital became pregnant at the same time. Out of which, 7 nurses posed with the children once again after giving birth to the child.

Some nurses said it was a strange experience for them. They say they already seem to have a relationship. They had the experience of working together, helping each other and feeling different when they got pregnant together.

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