Here are several reasons why graphene could be the solution to our specific issue.

Explaining some of today’s most urgent problems in science and technology is one of the things that YouTuber Matt Ferrell does frequently for his audience. You may recall this video in which he explains the breakthrough that allows electric vehicles to charge in minutes and this clip in which he discusses if solar panels are still worth it after four years.

In his most recent issue, he addresses the topic of graphene and the role it plays in the concrete issue. As he points out, graphene is widely regarded as one of the most significant advancements in material science that has taken place since its discovery.Graphene

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It seems that researchers are always coming up with new applications and use for the material, and scientists are always finding new ways to combine the material into production processes. However, it has not yet lived up to the expectations that were set for it.

Not only because it was thought to be the answer to building a space elevator, but also because of other factors. Many of the technologies that rely on graphene have simply not come to fruition, despite the fact that they have shown a great deal of promise.

However, the manufacture of concrete is one application where the material has the potential to be highly useful, and this is the case. How can graphene make this sector, which generates a lot of emissions, more environmentally friendly? How exactly will it be utilized and included in the process of manufacturing concrete? What innovative and fascinating new breakthroughs might result from submitting this application? This video addresses all of these topics as well as many others.

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