God gave birth to a cute baby girl with a rare disease

The girl in the picture is suffering from a congenital disease.

Aila Summer Mucha is now famous all over the world. God has given an innate smile to everyone’s beloved daughter Aila.

When he was born in December last year, he had a deformity on his face, which is very rare.

Even so, seeing the girl’s face brought smiles on the faces of thousands. According to doctors, the girl is suffering from a disease called bilateral microstomia.

This disease spoils the appearance of the mouth. In which the victim always seems to be smiling. According to Aila, the disease started in her pregnancy.

When Aila’s mother, Christina Verser, and her father, Blaise Mucha, asked doctors why, they said there was no concrete reason.

However, this rare disease has now made Aila viral on social media. She is now a star on Instagram and Twitter.

According to Blaise Mucha, when they asked the doctor if Aila was hurt by any of our mistakes, the doctor replied that it was not your fault. According to doctors, as of 2007, 14 people worldwide were suffering from the disease.

However, doctors have expressed hope that the girl will recover. He has advised Aila Samar’s parents to operate on the child.

Since then, Christina and Blaze have been thinking of getting rid of the disease. However, they are afraid of the surgery and its consequences.

For now, Christina and Blaze are busy educating people about the disease.

For this, they have also created a separate Instagram and Tiktak page, in which information related to this rare disease is given by posting a picture of Aila.

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