Tuesday, September 27

Ford Powered by Electricity There is a good chance that Maverick and Ranger will soon be in our midst.

There is some exciting news for those all over the world who are fans of electric vehicles. CarBuzz was the first news source to report that Ford had filed a trademark application with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) overnight for the Ranger Lightning and the Maverick Lightning.

Is it true that an electric version of the Ranger and Maverick has finally been released?
This indicates that electric variants of the vehicles may very well be on their way in the not too distant future. This is not the first time that we have come across information on these automobiles. The CEO, Jim Farley, has dropped hints about their impending arrival.

The previous year, the CEO was reported to have said: “I could foresee Maverick being produced in a number of different iterations, one of which would be electric. Then, during the launch of the F-150 Lighting, he also mentioned that testing was already being done on an additional electric vehicle “that is different from the F-150.”

“In addition, he stated that “we declared very clearly that we aim to be the leader in electric pickup trucks.”

May of 2021 saw the introduction of the F-150 Lightning model. Ford needed to make sure that the torque, performance, overall layout, and towing capabilities of the cherished truck remained comparable even after it was converted to electric power in order to maintain the same level of popularity as the truck’s gas-powered cousin. The company was able to accomplish its goal, which resulted in an excellent electric vehicle being produced in the end.

What kind of vehicles will the new ones be?
Will Ranger Lightning and Maverick Lightning prove to be just as remarkable and sought after as their predecessors? Will they be powered by electric motors? The only thing that we are aware of at this time is that the Maverick is not currently sold in Europe and that the Ranger is the only pickup truck that Ford offers that is built on a global basis.

It is possible that the filing of these new patents does not signify the release of new electric vehicles but rather serves as a defensive measure against competition from other automobile manufacturers. On the other hand, given that increasingly stringent emissions regulation in Europe are driving more automakers toward the development of electric vehicles, we would hazard a guess that something is going on behind the scenes.

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