For the first time, smart contact lenses with an augmented reality display were put to the test.

Mojo Vision, a company in California that wants to make smart contact lenses that can work with augmented reality (AR), has already tested its technology on real people. Drew Perkins, the CEO of the company, was the first person to wear the contacts last week. He wrote a blog post about his experience.

We just told you a few months ago that Mojo Vision is making smart contact lenses that can project images while they are on your eye. The company plans to do this by putting the world’s densest display on a surface that is no bigger than 0.5 mm in diameter.

In addition to the screen, the contact lens has a gyroscope, an accelerometer, and a magnetometer that work together to track your eye movements. This is done to make sure that the augmented reality images don’t move while your eye does. Don’t forget that the device has microbatteries that keep it running all day and can be charged wirelessly.

What can you do with the smart lens?
MojoVision wants people to be able to use these smart contact lenses to see bright text, rich graphics, and even video content, whether they are inside, outside, or even with their eyes closed.

The company has made its own easy-to-use interface that works with eye-tracking technology so that users don’t have to use gestures or a smartphone to interact with the information being sent.

Since Perkins is the only person who has ever worn them, we have to trust his story. After putting in the contact lenses, Perkins wrote in his blog post, “I found that I could use a compass to find my way, look at pictures, and use an on-screen teleprompter to read a quote that was new to me but familiar. With Invisible Computing, I saw the future for myself.”

When will you be able to buy them?
Not any time soon, in short.

This isn’t just because of changes in technology, though. Mojo Vision has made a lot of technological progress in order for this trial to be possible. In the future, the biggest problems will be related to regulations.

Before putting the device on, even CEO Perkins had to go through preclinical testing and reduce safety risks. So, before people can buy these smart contact lenses in large numbers, Mojo Vision needs to prove that they are safe. They will need to do a few clinical studies soon and get permission from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Mojo Lens also wants to give app developers access to its device so they can add more features. So, people who take part in upcoming trials will also give feedback on the software and apps and how they work on the device. This information will be used to improve how this device is used.

Perkins wrote in the blog post, “This is a tool that can give people an invisible assistant to help them stay focused throughout the day without losing access to the information they need to feel confident in any situation.” “Mojo Vision has made a smart contact lens that can do things that people outside of science fiction thought were impossible. Up until now.”

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