FILA makes pizza sneakers for NYC’s greatest pizzerias.

FILA has just introduced a one-of-a-kind sneaker collection that is entirely devoted to the greatest pizza place in New York City. This is undoubtedly one of the strangest selections of sneakers that can be found on the market today.FILA’s headquarters are currently located in South Korea, however, the company was established in Italy. Furthermore, FILA has deep roots in the streetwear culture of the United States. And when it comes to streetwear culture, there aren’t many cities in the world that can compete with New York.

The company formed partnerships with several restaurants across the five boroughs, including Rubirosa Ristorante in Midtown Manhattan, Roberta’s in Brooklyn, sLICe Astoria in Queens, Louie & Ernie’s Pizza in the Bronx, and Lee’s Tavern on Staten Island. The objective was to represent, in a sense, the spirit, the color, the personality, and the flavor of each restaurant as well as each place. This included both the inside and exterior.

Fila x Lee's Tavern, sneakers and memorabilia

Every single pair of FILA pizza sneakers has its own unique set of prints and insignia, and they all come packaged in a box that is styled as a pizza box. A family owns and operates the pizza establishment that is known as Rubirosa Ristorante, which can be found on Mulberry Street. The outsoles of the sneaker are yellow mustard, while the midsoles are white. The rest of the sneaker is yellow mustard with red stripes and green. When it comes to pizza, red, yellow, and green are colors that are very on brand.

In New York City, the traditional Neapolitan pizza may be found at Roberta’s, which has a location in Bushwick, Brooklyn. It is often considered to be the best pizza in the city. The recipe, in both its literal and figurative senses, is rather straightforward, just like the sneaker itself. There are only two colors present in these FILA pizza sneakers: white and red. In addition, the name “Roberta” is written throughout the entirety of the sneaker, from the toe to the heel.

This sneaker was made in macadamia, with highlights in dark orange and black, and square designs almost reminiscent of a traditional Italian tablecloth. The sneaker also features a laceless construction. In addition to that, there is a FILA and sLICe logo embroidered on the tongue, and there is also a sLICe logo embroidered on the heel. The words “Italian” and “tradition” are printed numerous times on the uppers of these shoes, which come in a color scheme of green, white, and red.

Fila x Louis and Ernie's, sneakers on a silver platter

The restaurant’s unofficial mottos are also evident, including an engraving on the mudguard that reads “Sorry, cash only and no delivery.”This pair is a little different from the others. They are the only pair of mid-top sneakers in the collection, and they are designed to pay homage to a bar located on Staten Island. They are an all-white color, made of leather and suede, and the logo for “Lee’s Tavern Est. 1940” is printed on the tongue of each shoe. Oh, and they have a transparent sole, which is a stylish feature.

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