Experts predict EVs will charge in under 10 minutes by 2027.

Scientists are confident that the considerable time required to charge an electric vehicle will soon be a thing of the past. Scientists at the American Chemical Society claim they have developed a method to fully charge a car’s battery in under 10 minutes. What’s more, the technology they’ve created might be available to consumers as soon as 2027.

The researchers set out to create an electric vehicle charging system that was just as easy to use as filling up a gas-powered vehicle.” Fast charging is the key to enhancing consumer confidence and general adoption of electric cars,” said lead researcher Eric Dufek.”It would make charging a vehicle as easy as refueling at a gas station.”

Audi e-tron GT at an Audi Charging Hub

One of the main problems with EVs has been striking a balance between quick charging times and battery health. The battery degradation and performance of electric vehicles can be harmed by the current quick charging methods. Fast EV charging “plays a role in causing them to explode,” according to the researchers.

Dufek and his colleagues at Idaho National Laboratory came up with a custom charging technique to maximize charging speed while protecting the battery. At present, new charging techniques are being developed and tested using actual batteries. Dufek claims, “We’ve considerably enhanced the quantity of energy that can get into a battery cell in a little period.

In the present day, battery packs can be charged to over 90% capacity in as little as 10 minutes. Compared to what’s accessible now, ten minutes is a considerable increase. Current charging times for many electric vehicles range from 30 minutes for smaller batteries to over an hour for bigger ones. Getting this technology to market would be a huge step toward making EVs commonplace.

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