Wednesday, September 27

Door Seen on Mars: Do People from Other Planets Really Live There?

Shocking photos have been taken by the US space agency’s Curiosity Rover on the red planet.

Mars’ hard rock is seen here in the form of a well-cut cave mouth. The form of the door has been the subject of much debate in recent days. It’s been proposed that the ‘road’ was made by humans from a culture different than our own, while some think it’s a doorway. A deeper explanation of the photograph is needed from the rover, which has been delivering data to Mars since 2012. According to NASA, it’s only a matter of perspective.


The Curiosity rover’s photograph of Mars’ surface was made public by NASA on May 7 of this year. An episode of the Soul 3466 television series has been identified by NASA. The Mars Exploration Program website has made it available in several forms. Many individuals have speculated since it was made public about its form and the “door” or “route” that it may have taken. However, this image is simply one of a series of related images. When considered as a whole, its perspective on size shifts slightly. This is a very large view of a little break in a rock,” NASA told BBC Mundo.


Below, you can see an example of the shape’s completeness. This fissure in the granite of the Jejero crater is clearly visible. Curiosity Rover discovered this crater just a few weeks ago, so keep that in mind.

There were just 45 centimeters long and 30 cm broad, according to NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) scientists. In the last few days, this fracture has been attracting the attention of a number of specialists.


The topography of Mars has been investigated by British geologist Neil Hudson. It’s “interesting, but not strange,” he says of the image. When asked by LiveScience, he said, “In short, I think it’s a natural erosion.” Multiple sands and silt layers cover the rock in this image.


For 400 million years, rocks piled in the form of these trunks,” Hudson added. A mound or a blast of wind may have put this layer in the river.’ As soon as a surface is damaged, cracks are likely to emerge. This sort of erosion, on the other hand, happens when the rock strata are cut and cracks occur from the top to the bottom.



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