Cloud tsunami suddenly came to America, people didn’t think they would survive anymore

A video that has gone viral on social media is something you’ve probably only seen in a science fiction movie
Recently, a video has gone viral on social media. Seeing which people are scared. In the video, behind the people’s house, a tsunami is seen moving like a wave.
But this is not a wave of water but a tsunami of clouds. This is not normal, it looks like a tsunami. It looks like the water is going to cover the houses right now. But these are clouds, not water. Everyone is surprised to see this strange scene.
We tell you that this wave of clouds is called an arcus cloud formation. They are also colloquially known as roll clouds.

This video was first uploaded to Reddit. A Reddit user wrote, I felt like a tsunami, I’ve never seen clouds like this tsunami

Some people said that the arcus clouds were like a terrifying apocalypse scene in their dreams. That is why someone has said that this incident is similar to the scene in Christopher Nolan’s science fiction film ‘Interstellar’.
This video is from near Cincinnati, Ohio. Cincinnati experienced heavy rainfall this month. After the rain, the whole area was covered with windy clouds. The storm damaged houses and trees across the city.

The city’s power grid and poles were also heavily damaged. When they saw the storm from the other side, people could not think that they would survive this tsunami

What is an arcus cloud?

Arcus clouds are very dense low-level clouds. It is long and very thick. Which is formed in the sky above due to powerful thunder. And the medicine goes down.

Such a cloud-only sometimes falls on the earth. These clouds are often seen below cumulonimbus clouds. Shelf clouds are associated with storm clouds, while roll clouds form a horizontal column separate from the storm cloud.

How are arcus clouds formed?

When cold downdrafts from a cumulonimbus cloud reach the ground, the cold air spreads rapidly over the land. This pushes the existing warm moist air up. As this air rises, water vapor condenses and forms arcus clouds. The wave-like clouds are especially seen as storms.

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