As soon as the video of Terrence Lewis touching Nora Fatehi went viral, a controversy ensued.

On social media, people were talking a lot about a throwback video that featured Nora Fatahi. The famous choreographer accidentally touched the actress in the incorrect location in this video.

Throwback: It is not uncommon for Bollywood ladies to find themselves in an “Oops Moment” while they are dancing or while participating in other types of reality shows. Something very analogous has taken place with Nora Fatehi as well. Nora Fatehi had participated in a reality show when she was younger. Where someone had touched her in an inappropriate location. During that time, there was a lot of buzz surrounding this video on social media.

This occurrence took place in the show India’s Best Dancer.

During the filming of the reality show “India’s Best Dancer,” Nora Fatehi was involved in an incident like this. Something happened during this show with Nora on the stage, and as a result, viewers kept seeing this footage over and over again. The location of Terence Lewis was incorrect.
You can witness Geeta Kapoor, Nora Fatehi, and Terence Lewis performing on stage in this video that has gone viral. In the video, Geeta Kapoor can be seen standing in front, then Nora Fatehi, and then Terence Lewis can be seen standing just behind her. These three individuals are bending their knees and kowtowing to an individual while keeping their hands folded. In the meantime, Nora is unaware that Terence Lewis has touched her back by accident. After that, this video received a great deal of attention on various social media platforms.

The actress was unaware of the situation.

It would appear from a quick look at this internet sensation that Nora was completely unaware of what was going on here. Or you could say that she did not react to anything that had happened. People began discussing a wide variety of topics very immediately after this video was uploaded on social media at that particular time.

Urvashi Rautela is another person who has been victimized.

Urvashi Rautela was another celebrity who suffered the same fate as Nora Fatehi after being involved in a similar accident. Urvashi was last seen leaving a party. Within the context of which Boney Kapoor was standing next to him, Urvashi Kapoor felt the touch of Boney Kapoor’s hand on her back accidentally. During that time period, this video was also widely discussed in the news. Despite the fact that the actress did not comment until after the video was released.

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