Architects create a concept of a suspended metropolis that wraps around the Burj Khalifa.

Dubai is famous for its lavish architecture, which inspires jealousy worldwide. Just when you thought its structures couldn’t be any more futuristic, ZNera space, an architecture firm with big ideas for the city, appears.

What may these be? According to the online magazine designboom, they have created a design for a high-rise skyscraper that encircles the Burj Khalifa.

A natural and urban landmark for the UAE
The structure would be 550 meters (1,800 feet) tall with a perimeter of 3000 meters (9,800 feet). The Downtown Circle is suitably named, and it may serve as both an urban and natural landmark for the United Arab Emirates.
It includes all of the characteristics of the most popular urban metropolises. It has residential, public, and commercial spaces, as well as a green Skygarden to provide much-needed oxygen to the city’s car-heavy environment.suspended city

The construction would be supported by five vertical beams, which would have to be extremely strong to support such a bustling and diversified mini-metropolis. The structure is also intended to be sustainable, with a more compassionate typology that aims to mimic nature and present a variety of green public spaces.
The construction is made up of two rings connected by a continuous green hanging belt known as the Skypark. This Skypark will provide inhabitants and visitors with fresh air, plenty of natural light, and panoramic city views.

The Downtown Circle will also have five levels, each divided into smaller pieces for residential, public, commercial, and cultural programs. It will also be lavishly green and include open spaces to provide the best user experience possible.

Among its many landmarks are offices, research institutes, cultural spaces, and a 3D green ecosystem that will act as the ring’s ‘lung,’ providing much-needed oxygen to a heavily polluted metropolis.suspended city

Sanctuaries, among other things
This green space will be enhanced by canyons, sandy dunes, marshes, waterfalls, digital caves, and tropical vegetation. It will also include wild plant sanctuaries, food cultivation, and production area, rainfall gathering machines, and solar power stations.
Finally, sophisticated technologies will capture CO2 and filter pollutants from the air.

If you are concerned that the circle is too large to navigate, rest assured that the architects have considered this. A futuristic rail transit system composed of suspended pods will convey passengers at a pace of 100 kilometers (62 miles) per hour.
Passengers on the sophisticated trains will also get 360-degree views of the entire city below, making it a more delightful experience for locals and tourists.suspended city

There has been no information on when or if this structure would be built. But for the time being, the pictures have us daydreaming about a future we’d like to explore.

Is anyone interested in going to Dubai?

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