Wednesday, September 27

After the bride and groom set themselves on fire at the wedding

You may have seen or read many times about the unique marriage in the world. But at the time of the wedding, the bride and groom are seen setting fire and saying hello-hi? The wedding photos and videos of the bride and groom are going viral on social media.

The names of the bride and groom seen in the video are Amber Bambir and Gabe Jessup. Both of them had set themselves on fire among the guests during the wedding. The bride and groom were greeted with flowers and bid farewell. But the couple has taken a new approach.

Both were wearing fireproof gowns and anti-burn gel. He then set fire to his back and left the venue. The video was first posted on social media by DJ and wedding photographer Ross Powell.

Then it went viral. “People are trained professionals, don’t try it at home,” Powell said. For that, Powell explained that they both had anti-burn gel on their hair and face, followed by a wig.

The video has been viewed by millions on social media. In the video, which went viral, the couple calmed down during the entire stunt and eventually reached the point of kneeling in front of the fire. The fire was then put out with the help of two firefighters.

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