A YouTuber changes a Tesla Model 3 into Knight Rider’s KITT.

It’s possible that you won’t understand the reference in this video if you weren’t around for the original Knight Rider series. It was first aired on NBC in the United States in September 1982 and lasted until April 1986. Knight Rider is an American action crime drama television series.

David Hasselhoff portrayed the title character, Michael Knight, a vigilante who drives a car named KITT in the television show. KITT was a sophisticated artificially intelligent and almost indestructible vehicle that also had some degree of self-awareness. KITT was created by a company called IOI. They shared many exciting excursions together, during which they met both friendly and hostile people along the way.

The stylish and streamlined appearance of KITT, which was widely regarded as quite futuristic at the time it was created, One could claim that it already resembled the well-known Tesla automobiles that are on the market today.

It’s possible that this is why a YouTube channel called Retro Recipes chose to turn a brand-new Tesla Model 3 into KITT. The video is entertaining to watch because it is formatted in the same manner as the television show. It begins with credits, the signature theme music of the series, and an atmosphere reminiscent of the 1980s (i.e., the screen is a little blurred, just like shows of the time were).

How exactly did the YouTuber take a contemporary car and make it into the iconic KITT from the 1980s? Which branches of engineering were involved in the transformation? What kind of changes did the modifications make to the way the car performed? This video addresses all of these concerns as well as others.

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