A pilot is perplexed by a weird red glow over the Atlantic Ocean.

While flying, we all experience breathtaking views, but some are more outstanding than others. According to a Reddit post, one of these was spotted by a pilot flying over the Atlantic. The heading reads, “Over the Atlantic, a mysterious red glow was spotted; the pilot claims he has never seen anything like it. till July 2022.”

a menacing red glow
An unexplainable red glow can be seen in the photographs, which is nearly frightening. This did not stop individuals from leaving comments on the forum speculating about the nature of the occurrence.

“Perhaps there have never been so many fishing boats grouped to focus so much light. Three potential situations. 1. There are very modest concentrations of fish. 2. After exhausting the Pacific, Chinese fishing vessels are now factory fishing in the Atlantic. 3. China’s factory fishing method has been adopted by fishing vessels operating in the Atlantic. These are all undesirable outcomes. I wish them to fish well “a Redditor said.
Others speculated that it might be the end of days. “This is it if I’m not mistaken; the first DOOM game was set in 2022. The monsters are approaching. The conclusion is here “another Redditor commented.

One wise commentator noted, “It’s so hot the ocean is getting wildfires now.”

Many people compared it to the television program Stranger Things.

A Redditor commented, “Dustin’s trying to open up a portal to the upside down – It is truly a watergate.”Atlantic Ocean

2014 saw a similar encounter
JPC Van Heijst, a pilot, first noticed a similar occurrence in 2014.

“I took a 747-8 overnight from Hong Kong to Anchorage in August of 2014. I experienced one of the oddest experiences of my life while flying over the huge Pacific Ocean, somewhere southeast of the Russian Kamchatka Peninsula. With Japan far behind us and five hours left of our flight, we were cruising at a comfortable 34.000 feet with around four and a half hours left to go to Alaska. We overheard Air Traffic Control discussing diversions due to significant earthquakes in San Francisco with other aircraft headed for the US West Coast over the radio “pilot was written.

He continued by describing what he had seen in the sky.

“Before us, I detected a dark red or orange glow, which was confirmed when I saw a preview of the images on the back of my camera. For hundreds of kilometers around us, there was supposed to be nothing but a boundless ocean below. At first glance, they resembled a far-off metropolis or a collection of traditional Asian squid fishing boats, but this was not plausible at this location. In addition to being far bigger than the typical city or fleet of boats, the lights we observed also glowed in red and orange rather than the usual yellow and white that would be produced by cities or ships “said the pilot.

“The glow grew stronger as we drew nearer, engulfing the clouds and sky below us in a terrifying orange glow that one might anticipate from a huge fire on the ground. In a region of the planet where there should only be water.”

Could the same phenomenon that led to this sighting in 2014 also be in charge of the current situation?

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