A mysterious pink light was seen in the sky of Australia, shocking revelation again!

On Wednesday, there was a peculiar occurrence that took place in Mildura, which is located in Australia.

People in the area reported seeing a strange pink light in the sky. This light appeared to be in the shape of a sphere (spaceship). What was discovered much later blew everyone’s minds.

People were seen walking about taking pictures of the pink sky and posting them on various social media platforms. Which received a million or more views in a matter of minutes.

You can notice how the sky in Mildura, Australia became a pinkish color in these photographs. It appeared as though this light was spinning around in the sky like a tornado.
People started explaining the rationale for this light in their own unique way on social media as soon as it happened because this is the first time that something like this has ever happened. Some others referred to it as an extraterrestrial spaceship, while others thought it might have something to do with the online series Stranger Things.pink sky

Finally, the people who lived there explained what had happened. He said that the source of this light was a cannabis farm that was privately owned by the pharmaceutical company Can Group. Permit us to explain that the cultivation of cannabis benefits from the use of a wide variety of colored lights.

Recently, this was confirmed by The Can Group through its official social media handle, where they wrote that the people of Mildura were treated to a stunning light show the night before. In point of fact, we were conducting trials of a novel approach to raise the amount of hemp that was produced on our farms.

Can Group is reportedly the first company in Australia to receive the requisite licenses for the growing of hemp and marijuana for therapeutic and research purposes. This information comes from stories in the local media.

Since the beginning of the company’s existence, this facility’s precise location has been kept under wraps. Despite the fact that the pink light incident occurred on Wednesday, the corporation has not disclosed the precise location of the pink light.

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