A Martian mansion has been developed by UK designers.

As humans, we are certain that we want to travel to Mars. Without a doubt…

So much so that a Martian house was just built in the center of Bristol, England.

Ella Good and Nicki Kent, the artists behind the Martian house, intended to use Mars as a lens to reflect on what we need and how we want to live on Earth.

Hugh Broughton Architects, which has developed multiple Antarctica science stations, and Pearce+ also contributed to the project’s design.
According to Fast Company, the structure will open to the public next week and will feature a series of seminars and workshops about sustainable living.
How did it all begin?
Building a Martian House necessitates a large amount of collaboration. It all started in 2015, with only musicians Ella Good and Nicki Kent involved.

This idea was inspired by several experiments that have been conducted around the world for over two decades. Many people on Earth have experimented with sending people to Mars. Here are a few samples to get you started: Spacecraft include the Mars 500 (Russia+ESA), Hi-Seas (NASA), MDRS (Mars Society), and Biosphere 2.Martian mansion

Ella Good and Nicki Kent met with Professor Lucy Berthoud, a Spacecraft Systems Engineer, in 2017, and she joined the team.

Ella Good and Nicki Kent met architect Hugh Broughton and were awarded a small grant from the Edward Marshall Trust to work with the architect company on design projects. In 2018, Dr. Bob Myhill, a scientist, joined the team, and the conceptual design was completed in 2019.
Bristol City Council approved the development in October 2020.

In 2021, SCF Construct joined the project team and solicited construction firms to donate materials and labor. The construction is scheduled to begin in June 2022, with an opening in August and a run through the end of October.

Mars life could be feasible.
The Martian House, in contrast to the flurry of fantasy representations of Mars settlements that have inundated the internet, is a tangible object designed to start people thinking about living with scant resources and within your means in a constrained setting that isn’t driven by materialism.

“We’re constructing a Martian home. It will be a real-life house into which you can step to understand how we might live on another planet “Ella Good and Nicki Kent agreed.Martian mansion

“It’s commonly stated that we now have more technology in our pockets than it took NASA to the moon. This project is about seeing what is feasible and how far we can go with the resources we have right now “also included

“Our house will be built by a large group of individuals contributing their knowledge, talents, and passion – collaborating with space scientists, engineers, architects, and the local community.”

It was created to survive Mars’ harsh environment.
The motto while designing the Martian dwelling was that the red planet could withstand extreme weather conditions.

“I’m sure there are technical flaws, or someone would say, ‘the rocket dimensions are this, and your house wouldn’t pack in like that,’ but that’s not the goal,” Hugh Broughton, founder of Hugh Broughton Architects, explains.

“Its goal is to replicate as precisely as possible what a residence on Mars would be like, while also raising issues about our lifestyles on Earth.”

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